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AirPouch™ Express 3 Void-fill System

AirPouch™void-fill systems provide easy and unique solutions for all of your protective packing requirements. Operating at speeds up to 15M/min, AirPouch™ air pillows offer the convenience and cleanliness not found in other void-fill products, such as peanuts and paper. Durable and puncture resistant, AirPouch™ pillows provide excellent protection and efficiency, and reduce material and shipping costs, allowing you the opportunity to refine your packing process.
AirPouch air pillows feature our unique EZ-Tear™ Perforations that are preferred for their easy handling and effortless pillow separation.  

The AirPouch™ Express 3 is available in a wide variety of system configurations designed for maximum productivity for each unique void-fill packaging environment. Basic accessories can be integrated to create a simple, single operator packing station, or combined with towers and overhead hoppers for large, multi-user fulfillment operations.





AirPouch FastWrap™ Protective Packaging

The FastWrap system produces filled bubbles and tubes used for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications. FastWrap secures and cushions your products in transit, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

AirPouch FastWrap cushioning bubbles feature our patent-pending, channel filled honeycomb design, which allows multi-direction wrapping and improved product protection. FastWrap block-and-brace tubes feature our patented EZ-Tear™ Perforations between each tube, making them easier to separate and reducing material waste. Both products are available in a variety of system-matched film types, including EarthAware™ Biodegradable and Recycled Films. The convenient, boxed material is easy to handle, and dramatically reduces the storage requirements found with paper, foam and prefilled bundle bubble materials.

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