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Douglas Pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest growing generic drugs company in Australasia. There are huge plans for facility expansions to increase our capacity. Douglas is a family owned business situated in West Auckland, New Zealand.

In June 2003, Management at Douglas decided that the company needed to seriously increase the blister packing operation in order to meet the ever-increasing demand. We immediately sent out requests for a budget price to various agents of all major blister packing equipment. Some quotations, took months, others got to us jus before commissioning our current blister packing line. MPI & Uhlmann are the only suppliers that got back with quotations, queries and solutions within a couple of days, sometime within 24 hours.

Careful consideration was given to all suppliers and agents, and MPI together with Uhlmann came up tops. We visited and contacted many large and small companies that deal with MPI and only got very positive responses with regard to their service and business ethic. We were set on purchasing an Uhlmann blister packing line even though it was the most expensive. In September 2003 the general Manager and myself were invited to Auspack (Australia’s largest packaging machinery show) in Melbourne. We were fortunate to view an Uhlmann Blister packing Line in operation, which was brought in by MPI. We decided then and there that we would purchase the “show machine”.

Within a few days all technical and commercial details was finalized. MPI and Uhlmann also personally visited Douglas in New Zealand to finalize all aspects regarding the project to ensure everything goes well. The machine was packed and shipped to Douglas before Christmas. In early January 3 Uhlmann Engineers together with Alan Melliger from MPI, begin installing, commissioning and qualifying the blister packing line. Alan was at Douglas a few days earlier and removed and modified most of the packing line that did not meet the specifications of Douglas. The project was perfectly run by MPI and Uhlmann. What would normally take a minimum of 7 months for a project of this size; this project was done in 3 months. A superb effort. Alan was at Douglas for 2 weeks during the installation and commissioning phase and this was not charged for (something any company would get excited about).

Current Situation:
Purchasing this very technological packing line has been a huge learning curve for the people at Douglas. As with all new equipment and advanced technology there is a gradual learning curve. It is at this time that customer service of the agents and suppliers are put to the test. I must emphatically state the MPI has passed this stage with flying colors. Alan has always provided us with solutions over the telephone or via email. There was never a time when there was a problem that he did not respond within a few hours. On a few occasions with only a couple of days notice MPI committed Alan to coming to Auckland to set up a new product or solve a minor problem.

There have been no regrets with regard to forming a business relationship with MPI. We at Douglas hope it continues to grow and develop to a long and fruitful partnership. Whenever there is a query or request for increased capacity or new capital expenditure, the first point of contact is always MPI. They are always willing to help and even refer you to other suppliers, including their competition if it falls outside their scope of business. Well done MPI you definitely fall on the top of our list of equipment suppliers.

Testimonial Compiled By:
Rajen Naicker
Engineering Manager
Douglas Manufacturing Ltd
New Zealand

Testimonial Endorsed By:
Michael Metzler
General Manager
Douglas Manufacturing Ltd
New Zealand.
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